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Top 10 Favorite Styles to Tattoo:

1. Black and Gray

2. Dark Art / Evil Imagery + Skulls!

3. Geometric

4. Lettering

5. Biomechanical

6. Ornate

7. Portrait

8. Great at and enjoys adding filler to blend separate pieces into a more cohesive form fitting sleeve

9. Statue

10. Watercolor

Steve, a certified bad ass motherfucker, who just also happens to be a versatile artist who is skilled in many styles. Having 8 years of professional tattoo experience, he is a great choice of an artist for any tattoo. There is a special place in his heart and mind for black and grey tattoos. He is a committed and dedicated artist, keeping up with the quickly improving industry by studying new techniques and designs. As a client, you can see his skills flourish by allowing him artistic license to customize your tattoo, resulting in better form fits to the body and generally more visually stimulating designs.