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Tattoo Pricing

Best Method of Getting a Nice Tattoo:

Decide on a general idea for the tattoo. Come in to The Edge Tattoo in person, and present the most basic specifications you are seeking to a tattoo artist. Get a general idea on what the price may be, and if that price is within your means make an appointment for when you wish to be tattooed. All appointments require at least a $50 deposit (plus tax) for up to two hours of estimated time reserved, and increase at $50 (plus tax) per additional estimated two hour interval for larger scale pieces requiring additional preparation. Full day sessions require 50% of the estimated tattoo cost as deposit. Having the deposit in, the artist can then start drawing the piece for you, and you can make plans with them as to when and how you will be checking on the drawing if you so wish.

Please keep in mind that the artist is putting their name on the piece, the creative process can take time, they will take their time diligently creating your piece, so please allow them a reasonable amount of time for this process to happen. The artists are able of creating custom images fast, however you are likely to get a nicer piece by booking a couple weeks out. Being true artists, their custom work is going to produce a cleaner, more artistic, better fitting tattoo, which is likely to produce a more impressive image than copying one you got off the internet that you may not completely love. However, if you have an image you want exactly, they are capable of making that happen, and will be happy to help you.

Keeping that all in mind, we do take walk-ins and you can call to check that status any time. 

Our tattoos are priced by the piece, and the quotes are given by the artists. A general average is about $100 per hour, it does vary depending on artist. For a large scale custom piece which requires multiple sessions to complete, a full price can be estimated by the artist, however it could be finished faster or slower, so it is important that one be comfortable with the price given being an estimate. We do not price over the phone, as it would be impossible to be accurate.

Shop Minimum:

Our studio’s minimum for any tattoo is $60, which can only be decreased by a promotional discount. The reason for having a minimum is that even if you get only a dot on your skin it would cost the artist supplies, and time. This includes time to set up equipment, place the stencil properly, ensure that it is designed to the client’s preferences, actually do the tattoo, and treat and protect the tattoo while supplying aftercare directions.

Body Piercing Prices

New Pricing Information to be up soon. For now, please call us to find out. Thank you.


Birthday Discount 10% off Tattoos!

20% if you are turning 18 and can now legally sign for yourself!
Must be the day of your birthday.
If for some reason we are closed, you can come in on the day before or after.

All of these groups always receive a 10% discount on tattoos:
(With proper identification)

College Students
Military (Current and Veteran)
(Must notify us before receiving service)

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