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Tattoo Aftercare

There are a million different ways that people claim the healing process should be handled, this method is what we recommend, as this is what has worked best for us.  If you choose not to follow these instructions in order to listen to one of your good friends, that's perfectly fine,when your skin and tattoo falls off, you can thank them. :)

Keep the tattoo(s) bandaged for at least an hour or until you get home. It is important that once you remove your bandage you clean the area with antibacterial soap and hot water. Simply wash the area gently, pad, not scrub, it dry. After carefully drying apply A&D ointment, only enough to keep the area moisturized as you do not want to suffocate the area with over application of the ointment. This washing and moisturizing process should be repeated throughout the day for the next 2 to 3 weeks. The tattoo area will look red and irritated for a bit, this is normal, as you did just get stabbed with a needle. During the healing process it is also normal for the area to flake and scab, DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO, rather continue to moisturize and clean.

Things to Avoid: If your tattoo is less than 2 weeks old, please avoid any activity that would involve soaking of the skin or the tattooed area such as hot tubs, baths, swimming in pools or ocean water, pedicures, etc.... Showering is recommended, do not be overly cautious about the amount of water, however do what you can to expose it to the least amount. Furthermore, it is very important to keep a new tattoo out of the sun as the skin is already traumatized. Any other damage such as a sun burn will have increasingly adverse effects on your tattoo healing properly. To avoid this, keep in mind that the sun will fade your tattoos. Therefore, if you want to keep those colors bright and beautiful, invest in a sunscreen with a high SPF.

If you have any question on your tattoo during the healing process, please call our studio at:

(860) 644-1021

or by email at:


(your artist's name)

to ask them directly